Today is the highlight in our tour trip, go diving. At first I was very nervous, because the ears start to hurt a little when we go deeper. Finally it was fine and we dive to 20 m deep, the 小丑魚 swimming between coral is soooooo cute, just like video. This was a cool and wonderful experience, but I don't feel like to do it in a while.

In the afternoon, we walk up to hill for weather observation, from there we oversaw the island, look at the rain from distance like a water full over the sea, and cloud become red for the sunset. I like it a lot to sit in the 發呆亭, look at this beautiful island.

We start to discuss about how many kids we shall have. I feel so comfortable and happy to stay and chat with you. It's hard to imagine that we had just met each other for a week now. I felt that we have been so close.

After the dinner, we sat be the beach and enjoy the night.



1. 最重要的是平衡耳壓, 就是捏住鼻子用力的將氣吹到耳朵, 不能從嘴巴跑出來.

2. 要用嘴巴呼吸不能用鼻子


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